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Whether your goals are orientated towards weight loss, sports performance, aesthetics or simply to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle -- allow Concore Training to get you there the right way. My goal is to help you achieve long lasting results with an individually designed fitness program.


The process begins with getting to know you. Our first meeting starts with a one-on-one consultation to learn about your background and goals. We will cover any pertinent injuries, current limitations and answer any questions you may have. A physical assessment to learn about your movement patterns will follow to gather important data that will dictate the design of your individualized program. A profile will be created for you on a web-based application that will enable you to have access to all of your workouts, benchmarks and nutrition (optional). Your results will be reviewed and updated weekly. Your program develops according to your own pace. Your training and support does not stop there -- quarterly consultations take place to track progress and evaluate goals.

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Take your individual program to the ultimate learning experience. Working in a private setting provides the attention you need and deserve. Create a solid foundation for movement awareness and quality. Understand the “why” behind your training program to build confidence and self-sufficiency. Get the motivation and accountability from your coach to launch you to the next level.

60 minutes.



Hold yourself accountable to train in a group setting. This is a great option after building a foundation for movement in private training. Your program is tailored to you in a group setting with no more than four people training at a time.

60 minutes.

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A personalized alternative to on-site training. Remote training includes customized weekly workouts delivered through our coaching web application ensuring progression towards your goals. Instructional video for all exercises that can be accessed at anytime. One-on-one support through email and real time messaging provides accountability, encouragement and answers to questions & feedback. Quarterly check-ins are held to monitor progress and update goals.

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