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post rehab strengthening

Coping with injury in my personal fitness journey has been a struggle in the past. Symptoms of over training and musculoskeletal injuries manifested from compensatory movement patterns. Because of this unbalanced movement I have a personal understanding of frustration and pain. I soon learned at Shine Physical Therapy that building strength and conditioning on a structure that was already out of alignment was doing more bad than good. My profession has served me well as I now have an understanding of how to fix and overcome this pain through education and experience.


I have joined the team of healing professionals at Shine as a physical therapy aide and offer individualized training sessions every Wednesday from 9am to 4pm. My intention is to skillfully transition physical therapy clients back to their fitness goals while promoting the alignment, muscle balance, body awareness and symptom-management skills from Shine Physical Therapy and Postural Restoration Institute®.


With a comprehensive approach and genuine appreciation of your unique needs and abilities, Shine Physical Therapy offers you the support and skills that will optimize your healing. If you are ready to get your life back and quit chasing your pain, please visit for more info.


What Is Postural Restoration?

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