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Karin Yang

I met Constance while she was a trainer at a gym in New York. I was recovering from multiple ankle surgeries after a car accident and was hoping that a professional trainer could help me get rid of a horrible limp post surgery. Not only did Constance patiently gear all exercises toward improving my injured leg, she made the sessions fun. After only a few months, one could hardly tell of my injury. She has continued to train me remotely after moving to the west coast and it has been the best decision I’ve made in my life. Constance provides detailed instructions for every workout. Unlike some trainers I met in the past, She pays attention to what my body is capable of handling and focuses on building up my strength slowly. Her prescribed nutrition plan based on my goals and current body condition is also on par. I started seeing results not long after. She is also the most sweet, friendly and motivated trainer one can have! I hope she never retires! 


Arielle Reid

Working with Constance fundamentally improved the way I work out and made exercise more fun and more efficient. I did not have a weightlifting background before working with Constance, and she taught me to lift weights correctly, and helped me develop a weight lifting program that is fun, interesting, and helps me reach my fitness goals. I play competitive rugby, and I have noticed a huge difference in my speed and strength on the rugby pitch. I also get injured less often, and I recover faster. I used to spend a lot more time at the gym running and doing cardio, and working with Constance to develop a weight lifting program has led to better results for strength and weight loss, and I also spend less time working out! I am a lifelong athlete, and I plan to keep working with Constance for the rest of my life!  


Alice Alleman

I have been working with Constance for three years, which is a testament to how much I value her skill and dedication to creating effective workouts and providing excellent personal strength coaching. 

Contance has a great eye for detail and giving thoughtful instruction to ensure that every exercise is not only targeted and effecient, but being done safely and correctly.   Her positive, but firm coaching has helped me to gain the specific strength and speed I  need to be a competetive dragonboat and outrigger canoe racer and the endurance to successfully take on Mt. Adams, Mt. Baker and Mt. Shasta over the past three years.

I would recommend working with Constance for anyone wanting to up their athletic game or work toward improving their overall fitness. 


Rebecca Bauer

Constance has been my Personal Trainer for over 3 years. When I began, I didn't expect to continue this long because I thought I'd learn "everything" and then take over myself! I have to laugh at that idea now, for several reasons.

First of all, my fitness needs continue to change as I get older, seek new adventures and work through past injuries. Constance has been so encouraging and has helped me set goals that build my confidence and keep me motivated. I have been athletic all of my life and I know that she understands and honors that. 

Secondly, there is so much to learn and she's figuring it out and sharing it with me. I appreciate how much she knows about human anatomy and the proper care and maintenance of our bodies. 

Next, Constance is a very good listener. She is patient with my questions and is always able to explain new techniques and workouts. She wants me to be motivated and successful. She also knows that I want to look and feel stronger. 

Lastly, I look forward to each and every training session together. I know that I will work out carefully and with great guidance, and also that I will leave feeling better than when I arrived. It is time well spent. I feel fortunate to have found Constance and I plan to keep working with her because she inspired me to challenge myself.


Anne Haverkamp

Constance literally turned my life around. At the age of 47, I found myself in constant pain, unable to move in the most simplest ways. In addition, my doctor was reporting some concerning blood levels that would impact my overall health. One of the prescriptions was consistent exercise. Once I was a person who HATED exercise...then I found Constance. Now a year and a half later, I am happier than I have ever been, my body looks and feels great, and my blood levels are dramatically improved. And even better, coming to work out with Constance is the highlight of my day. She has a way of explaining and instructing so that each movement is done correctly. She is patient, kind, and really listens to my goals and struggles. She is persistent in a positive way. I would not be where I am today without her constant support. She is always meticulously prepared for each session, with all exercises specific to my needs. She is the best at what she does!


Shanna Reding

I’ve been working with Constance twice weekly for a few years now. She was recommended to me because I wanted to “lift heavy things” and that’s just what she’s had me doing.  My workouts are rarely the same and are designed to get results. I no longer need to catch my breath when picking up something off the floor and am the go-to to lift heavy boxes at work.  She makes sure that my technique is correct and that I never get bored with my workouts.  Constance is knowledgeable, professional, and totally focused on what I want to get out of my workout. No matter what your fitness level, Constance can help you get to your goal.


Bill Brandt

Constance has been my fitness coach for about 16 months now. My principle objective has been, and still is weight loss. Under her supervision and instruction I have managed to reduce from 186 lbs to 176 lbs, a plateau I am presently trying to negotiate. The benefits of her knowledge have also led to a considerable increase in my flexibility and stamina. She is very attentive to a clients abilities and incentive and adapts her well-designed exercise plans when necessary, ensuring fleeting muscle stress and slight fitness injuries do not develop into more serious conditions. She is flexible regarding scheduling and payment options. She has excellent communication skills both in session and out. She delivers what I expect from someone entrusted with the pathway to my goal.  

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